Round 2

Posted on April 3rd, 2008 in Sock Madness, socks by bethtoons || 5 Comments

Reversai was the pattern of choice for this round of Sock Madness.

We didn’t have the full 40 for each group in round one, so some of us got traded to other teams. I had started out as a member of the Uconn team and was traded to Tennessee. They welcomed me with open arms, but this round especially has been the fastest group. 20 from each group will get through this round and I was #14.

As a April Fools, they gave us the pattern on Monday instead of Tuesday which completely threw off my whole week. I lost an hour of knitting time Monday night while setting up an April Fools of my own on Fun Factories (we swapped out our background image on all forum themes and had some made up headlines in our news fader).

I averaged half a sock a day this week. I had the first sock to the heel on Monday night, turned the heel at lunch on Tuesday and knit the foot Tuesday night (finished at 2 am). Wednesday I cast on and knit to the heel on sock #2. And today I turned the heel at lunch and snuck in a few more rows in the afternoon. The pair was fully finished just after 10 pm.

There were some complaints about the stitch count being too high on this pattern, and while I can sense that mine may sag a little with some wear, they initially fit pretty well. And as much of a pain as the garter stitch sole and toe was to knit, it seems to wear really cushy. I think they were made extra cushy with my yarn choice, Gypsy Knits BFL in Merry Go Round. This stuff was like knitting with butter clouds. The yarn has a bit of a sheen to it, and the garter stitch especially is so soft. Luxury socks indeed.

I loved the garter stitch short row heel especially. I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed any of the short row heels I’ve knit in the past. I was never confident that I was doing it right and I didn’t like the fit of the ones I’d finished so I think of all the socks I’ve knit to this point, only 3 pair have had a short row heel. But between the garter stitch and the way the yarn striped in the heel, it really made sense this time. All my wrapped stitched were a different color from the center stitches I was working, so it made it really obvious which stitches they were. And the added stretch plus the “squat” stitches of the garter make them fit my feet really well.

Bring on Round 3!

5 Responses to “Round 2”

  1. Cindy/Snid says:

    Those turned out really beautifully. Very nice colors! I like the socks more than I thought I would as we were knitting them (could have been cause they were going so slow!) but I think they are pretty comfy!

  2. Aunt Kathy says:

    I LOVE those socks. And the yarn… yes bring on round three.

  3. Jeanne says:

    Gorgeous socks – love the pattern and the colors! Good luck on the next round!

  4. amber says:

    Those are some beautiful yet funky socks :) .

    I need to learn to make socks.

    I am sure your brother would outlaw that though, he “made” me toss a ton of socks last weekend. He doesn’t get having tons of fun socks.

    I have one of your Christmas gifts done already too :-D . but since I never blog, I suppose they will stay a secret.

    Happy Weekend!!!

  5. sockergirl says:

    Nice job. Sorry to hear you were traded away. I am having trouble keeping up with the contest this year. I agree with the short row heel. This was the best way to do it, if you must. Let’s hope for a good predictable 3rd round. Break a needle!

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