Clearing the Decks

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Something about an ugly financial situation prompts cleaning. The loan went through, I should have the car back by the end of the week and things are generally starting to normalize again. Mike will be here this week (something else that prompts cleaning) and we’re headed to PA for the weekend for a coaster event.

So, in addition to the financial scrubbing, the apartment is returning to a state that’s almost presentable. And all my zillions of knitting projects are coming off the needles without a string of new objects jumping on to replace them.

It just seems like the right time to clean off the needles and focus on fewer projects.  The first to come off was the jaywalkers.

Jaywalkers, Apple Laine in the Carnival colorway.  These weren’t always the easiest to work on, humidity and mohair and bamboo needles don’t mix well, but the FO is worth it. They are my second pair of Jaywalkers, and I still love the pattern and love how it came out in this yarn. They are crazy warm, and wear really well.

Over the weekend, in between loads of laundry, I finished the other pair of traveling socks I’ve been picking at over the last few months.

These are a Lana Grossa yarn in a plain stocking sock. I’d initially intended these to be
a Christmas gift for my sister-in-law, but I wasn’t happy enough with the yarn to give them away and I’ll be starting a different pair for her. The black spotted all over the lighter colors, and there was a knot just far enough into the second sock to un-synch my stripes. I know it’s the thought that counts, but I’m a perfectionist and I was a little disappointed in this yarn. I’ve got plenty of other yarns that are fitting for her color sensibilities, so I’ll take another stab with something else.

In addition, I did cast on and finish another quick project this weekend. When I’d placed my last loopy ewe order, I hadn’t realized the Fiesta Baby Boom would take two skeins for a pair of socks and had only ordered one skein. Since I’m officially living like I’m broke for a while, I opted against ordering a second skein, and instead decided to use the single skein for some fingerless mitts.

I used the numbers in this pattern and just added a couple stitches to the thumb gussets and didn’t make the wrist length as long. The colorway is Raspberry Mocha, and the yarn is super soft and was a dream to knit with even if I was only knitting with it for a day.

These will probably find their way into the Christmas gift pile, and with as quickly as they knit up and with all the sock leftovers and single skeins of yarn I have around here, I think there will be some more fingerless mitts and gloves and mittens finding their way onto my needles this fall.

My WIP pile is whittling down now. I’ve finally cast on the second Pomotomous since the first has only been off the needles for three or four months now. I’ve got a good start on a first sock for my dad, and despite reducing the stitch count twice already, I’m still thinking my brother’s socks may be too wide so I need to revisit the measurements and be certain again before I get too much further along. They look unnaturally huge, but so do his  feet. That’s it in the socks in progress. And I’m still plugging away at the second Norwegian style mitten. It’s a very small WIP pile.

The willpower involved in keeping all those open needles empty is a little draining, but I’m really trying to focus my knitting energy and get things done as the holidays start to approach. Plus it just seems right to clean off the needles at the start of a new season.

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  1. Alex says:

    Happy to hear your loan went through.

    Love the Jaywalkers; what a unique and beautiful colorway. I’ve heard many good things about Apple Laine, I’ll have to try some, eventually.

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